sexta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2013

Curses! - Episode 16

An Episode dedicated to baiting. It's easy to roll through a system and scare everyone, but can ya trick them in order to get some extra kills?

quarta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2013

Curses! - Episode 15

2 Fleet engagements
 - 2xMoas, Thrasher, Scythe, Thorax, Stabber VS. Vagabond, Tengu, Wolf, Harpy, Taranis
 - Rupture, Scythe, Fleet Scythe VS. Armageddon, 2xDrake, Munnin, Rapier

terça-feira, 10 de setembro de 2013

Curses - Episode 14

Stirring up the Pot! - The transition between Solo and Fleet. If solo just doesn't cut it, bring some extra mates, make sure no kills are wasted!
- Vexor vs 2 Proteus and Ishtar
- Coercer vs Home Defense Fleet

quarta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2013

Curses! - Episode 13

This time the episode is brought to you by Doc, one of my Corp mates. He chose to comment larger fleet fights
- A4D vs S2N and Pets
- A4D Assault frigs vs Darkspawn
- A4D vs T3 Gang
- A4D being Black Ops Hotdroped

Final clip is a ratting carrier going down. We also like to gank....

sexta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2013

Curses - Episode 12

Episode fully dedicated to the Solo Harpy.

- Several engagements/situations common on 0.0, and how to try to snatch some kills with the Solo Harpy. Setting up the field for a Brawling engagement.

quinta-feira, 18 de julho de 2013

Curses! - Episode 11

Episode fully dedicated to the Talos Assault Battlecruiser

- Shield Talos vs 2 Fleet Stabbers
- Facing a Shield Talos with a Repping Fleet Stabber
- Armor Talos and Gang vs Myrmidon and Prophecy
- Small typical skirmish: Talos, Hurricane, Fleet Scythe vs Cynabal, Vagabond, Rapier, Moa

terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013

Curses! - Episode 10

Commented Video for the "Curses, I'm in my Pod" Blog.

For the 10th Episode I gathered a special edition content... Thought a lot about posting it or not, but I wanted tell ya guys something different:

- Market PVP - Plen's way of making isk;
- PVP in Data/Relic sites with Covert Ops Ships

segunda-feira, 10 de junho de 2013

Curses! - Episode 9

Commented Video for the "Curses, I'm in my Pod" Blog.

- Splitting up a gang and scoring 3 kills;
- Raiding a carebear pocket with 30+ guys in local (New Odyssey system scanner used too);
- Knowing your foes habbits, and surprising them as you score a juicy faction fitted ratter.

quarta-feira, 22 de maio de 2013

Curses! - Episode 8

Commented Video for the "Curses, I'm in my Pod" Blog.

Example of everyday fights roaming around, the kind of stuff EVE is daily built upon, for the solo/small gang PVP'er.

- ECCM Algos in the mist of 3 Falcons;
- Making your own story vs a series of random encounters;
- Jumping on Snipers.

quinta-feira, 2 de maio de 2013

segunda-feira, 22 de abril de 2013

Curses! - Episode 6

Example of everyday fights roaming around, NOT epic matches, but honestly, it's the kinda the stuff EVE is daily built upon for the solo/small gang PVP'er.

4 diferent engagements using the Coercer of Doom. Tease and Split'em up!

sexta-feira, 12 de abril de 2013

Curses! - Episode 5 - Part 2

Example of everyday fights roaming around, NOT epic matches, but honestly, it's the kinda the stuff EVE is daily built upon for the solo/small gang PVP'er.

Condensed Roam going out on a Shield Arbitrator.

quinta-feira, 28 de março de 2013

Curses! Episode 5 - Part 1

Example of everyday fights roaming around, NOT epic matches, but honestly, it's the kinda the stuff EVE is daily built upon for the solo/small gang PVP'er.

1 - Shield Arbitrator baiting on a hostile station (Fleet engagement)
2 - Shield Arbitrator vs Cyclone (Round 1)
3 - Shield Arbitrator Vs 2 Thorax (Round 2)


sábado, 23 de março de 2013

Commented Video: Curses! - Episode 4

Example of everyday fights roaming around, NOT epic matches, but honestly, it's the kinda the stuff EVE is daily built upon for the solo/small gang PVP'er.

5 Engagements using Dessys and Frigs
1 - Catalyst vs Arty Wolf - 3 rounds
2 - Catalyst vs Thrasher
3 - Catalyst vs Kitting Algos with Links
4 - Cormorant vs AB Web Scram Taranis
5 - Harpy Vs Stabber (Blue provides me with some backup really...)

domingo, 10 de março de 2013

Commented Video - Curses! - Episode 3

Commented Video for the "Curses, I'm in my Pod" Blog.

2 Engagements using Stealth Bomber as main tackler.
1 - Stealth Bomber and Fleet vs Gatecamp
2 - Stealth Bomber and Harpy vs 3 Sniping Assault BCs

Example of everyday fights roaming around, NOT epic matches, but honestly, it's the kinda the stuff EVE is daily built upon for the solo/small gang PVP'er.

sexta-feira, 1 de março de 2013

Commented Video - Curses! - Episode 2

Example of everyday fights roaming around, NOT epic matches, but honestly, it's the kinda the stuff EVE is daily built upon for the solo/small gang PVP'er.

3 Engagements with Destroyers.
1 - Catalyst vs Maller
2 - Catalyst vs Heretic
3 - Dragoon vs Wolf, Cerberus

domingo, 3 de fevereiro de 2013

Lunch break story – The whoring Master!

I trully dislike the new Cormorant slot layout, but I still got 2 on my hangar, so I take 1 out to blow it.

On RMOC I spoted a Gorgon Empire gang of 15+ 3 Cynabals, some T1 Cruisers, Tackle and 1 Scythe. Good... I might snatch some tackle off this gang. They are all at 0km on the Hemin gate, and since it’s a regional gate, I decide to take a peek on other side. I don’t like engaging without intel on my serroundings, and I doubt they’ll catch me on such a big gate.
As I jump in I see a Solar Fleet Machariel and a Darkspawn Tengu about 300km off the gate. I warp to a ping near the gate, grab some popcorns and wait... The Machariel is not warping off, so he either does not knows about 15+ Gorgon Empire in RMOC, or wants to play the “I’m a Hero!” card.
He was playing the “I’m a Hero!” card...
About 2 minutes after, the Gorgon Empire gang jumps and warps near the Machariel. Mach starts kitting at 2500m/s and the chase is on! I was a bit far away, but I could see the “Warp Scramble” notifications and soon after frigs start to pop and ships start warping off. The Machariel and the Tengu were putting up some damage but the Gorgon empire Cynabals were still on top of the Machariel. He was not gonna kill, outrun or tank 3 Cynabals, I activate my warp drive on a wreck nearby, and run as fast as I can to whore the Machariel! At 30km range I shoot at him once (he was already entering hull) and it’s time to bail out! He pops a few seconds later. 

Still lunch break is not over yet, and Gorgon Empire is retuning home, trought K-QWHE. It’s time to catch me a fat boy. Unfortunatly no one in corp is alive so I just grab a Sabre on Rtb and return home system with Pleniers on my Cormorant, hoping for a juicy pod. Can’t really mess with that gang head on solo. (If only I had a Machariel on my hangar!)
An important factor is that my mates have set up a drag bubble on the CL- gate, the same gate Gorgon fleet  is going to.  This factor helped me a lot even though indirectly. Once I reach CL gate I see a Gorgon Purifier and Eyno 0km on the CL- Gate. The main Gorgon fleet is not yet on scan, so Hell, I’ll go for them! I bubble up and agress the Purifier with my Sabre forcing him out. Enyo decides to take me on.
At the same time, the Gorgon feet lands 300km off the gate! This is why the drag bubble from the previous night was an importante factor. Even though their scout reported the bubble, it still gave me precious time to kill the Enyo away from his fleet.
Once the Enyo died was GTFO time. I still have to burn 20km through my own bubble, and even though I’m overloading the MWD on both ships, the Cormorant proves too slow to evade the fleet swooping down on me. I save the Sabre but lose the Cormorant.

In retrospective... I was quite dumb to put the bubble up... What was I even thinking off?!!? I knew they were on my tail!! Oh well... On the funny side, I ended up killing the Scout an not a “Fat Boy”.
40minutes of gameplay, 1 Machariel whoring, 1 Enyo kill, 1 Cormorant loss.

Being on the wrong end of T1 Cruisers.

I love the new T1 Cruisers. I actually loved the old ones too really. Still it’s trully impressive on how we fall into the mistakes we see other people do against us.
This particular time I spot a gate camp on Hemin, RMOC gate. Tactical Narcotics Team has rape caged the gate with 10 or so bubbles. Ship types were 4 Moas, 1 Cane, 1 Drake, 1 Slasher
No one is alive on my corp, so I go in solo on my Talos for some kitting action. I don’t  do so well... I don’t die, but a conga line of Moas chasing me is a pain because I cannot commit to a target. Once a Moa got half shields it turned back, only to have Moa n.º 2 continue the chase. Once I got Moa n.º 2 down to 50% he also turned back and Moa n.º 3 continued the chase... Not only that the Osprey could rep them, but I could not hit the Osprey myself decently.

 It's the Moa conga line! Everyone onboard!|
I decided to bail before I made a dumb mistake and wait a bit. Soon enough 3 more guys from my corp log in. With a grand total of 4 guys we mesure our options. We formed a fleet with 1 Cane, 1 Double Rep Hyperion, 1 Dominix and 1 Falcon.
The plan: Jamm the Osprey, Hurricane, Drake and some Moas, kill them all.
I jump in the Hyperion, and they quicly agress. My backup quickly jumps in and the Hurricane is called primary. Our Falcon also calls succesfull jamms on the Hurricane, Drake, Osprey and a Moa.

Unfortunatly, even though all is going according to plan, I have big problems keeping myself alive... I soon realize I’m gonna go down. Still too much heat on the field for my dual rep hyperion to hold. Even more, our hurricane is jammed by ECM drones and I am myself jammed by ecm drones too, reducing us to 1 operational damage ship. We manage to get the TNT Hurricane down, but I die before a single Moa dies. After me, our own Hurricane is tackled and blown apart. The “Bail out” command is given, saving the Dominix and Falcon from the fire. 


We underestimated T1 cruisers too much, and found ouselves in the same position our prey makes upon seeing us on those “crappy ships”. In retrospective, we should have gone on 4 high DPS kitting BCs, like Talos, Oracle and Tornados, but the oportunity to use our Battleships mislead me, sealing my fate.
Waiting for more guys to log in and try again later (our morale was kinda broken),  I actually returned to play with them, but this time my target was the slasher. I already knew there was nothing more I could kill solo...
I brought in the Coercer, and managed to drag him to a station at range, where I played the “Come at me bro!”card. He quickly died, but reshiped immediatly into... another Slasher. He ignored my Coercer (good call) and went to hug the gate with his mates. I would not manage to bait him anymore with the Coercer... So I reshiped!

The second time I brought the Algos. The plan: Jump in, get the drones on the Slasher, burn away from the Moa gang. And so I did. Once I jumped, I  carefully decided where to align, overload the 1st MWD cycle, targeted the Slasher, send in my drone slaves. He eventually tackled me, but at that time was 70+ km from the Moas and more importantly, 70+km from the Osprey. Here is the KM.
Soon after they retract the bubbles and log out... There would be no revenge match for now. One day maybe...

On a final note, I won't be eager to get into another BS soon...

Lunch Break Story – 2 Dessys down

What are “Lunch Break” stories exactly? Well I actually have about 40minutes of gameplay avaliable during my lunch break, between 13h00 to 13h40 Eve time (Winter Schedule).
What is the point of these “Lunch Break” stories? To show that you can have (sometimes) some fast, instant-PVP (we’re talking about EVE here so 30minutes is pretty “instant”), near downtime, on Curse. I’m sure this will apply to other regions too.

Lunch Break Story – 2 Dessys down.

I undock on a Dragoon to go look for something. This has actually been the destroyer I’ve flown less successfully with no impressive kills on it. People seem to fear neuts more than guns.


I find a Condor on Doril. He quickly long points me and starts shooting me at 25km. Auch! Not much damage is incoming, but I can’t catch him. I should have jumped out because I was not agressed, but I give the 25% MWD speed a chance. I launch my Warriors. I know he can easily bail out, because I have no scram on him and he’s moving about 4000m/s but if I shove him away I’ll consider myself happy. As my drones get on him, he starts to go down, but then something I should already be expecting happens...
3 Damn Warriors start “lagging” behing, so instead of 5 drones on him, he suddenly has only 2. 10 seconds later the drones wake up and go for it again, only to have 4 drones falling asleep and lagging behind AGAIN about 10 seconds after.

Chase a Condor? Nã.... Let's take a nap!

 It seems the MWD bonus ain’t all that usefull if drones just shut the MWD off in mid pursuit. The Condor never fell bellow 50% shields and I died on the gate.

This naturally asks for a round 2.
I bring out my trusty Coercer of Doom. Still this time I really did not had the same confindence. That guy had been shooting me at 25km (more or less), outside fallout for the Coercer (23km) but nevertheless the Coercer was the best option I had on my hangar, so I went for it.
This time I found him on Jorund and we immediatly engaged. My fears became real... I could not hit him decently too, even though I tried to shake him and break his orbit. I just did not made enough damage... 

As I was going down and trying to shake the Condor into my optimal, a arbitrator jumps in and get’s his drones into me (no his drones did not “lagged” behind like mine a few moments ago). Due to the interference of the Arbitrator, it’s unsure to say I could not have turned  the way around the fight. I made it tons of times, but it was surely not going my way.

Still, 40 minutes of gameplay, 2 engagements, 2 losses and a slap on my ego.