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Trade Report - July 2016

July 2016 Trade Report

I bought a new computer. With the DirecX 9.0 going unsupported and having some serious lag issues with my 8 year old PC, it was time for an upgrade. Once I tried out EVE, I marveled at the fact it could run so smooth in 2 screens and even with FRAPS on! Also, new PC meant less EVE time, as I had a severe case of “computer says NO” syndrome concerning other stuff, so EVE went a bit lower in my “free-time” priorities.

Transition to the new PC was easy concerning EVE. Copy the settings from old PC to cloud, copy from cloud to new PC and all is there. Install EVEMON and Evernus, slap in API keys and we’re done. (I have no need for skillplans or any Evernus history). My market transactions are stored in some dark basement belonging to Eve-Mogul V3, so “safe” from me at least. Within half an hour, I had EVE fully operational in the new PC. Not bad!

There was a minor hiccup though. I like to scale windows desktop at 125%, but windows 10 does a very worse job than Windows 7 at this. Windows 10 also scales up EVE, (Window 7 didn’t) messing it if you play it window mode… This is annoying, but nothing critical now that I know where the issues lie.


This month Market Profits took a bit of a hit. I only play EVE once my kid went to bed. During winter, after I leave work, we play around the house, have some laughs, but once it gets dark he goes to bed fairly early and I’m free for EVE (until he wakes up every couple hours for some whatever reason, hence the cloak in all my ships). Now, during summer, not only he’s older, he gets way more active and go play to the beach, feed some ducks and slide his ass in some forsaken playground. This also means he goes to bed a lot later, as the weather allows it. With my “alone time” only available at a later time, I don’t have the will or patience to sort market stuff… Let’s face it, I do market to fund PVP and considering I’ve got more than enough isk/assets, this month, market dropped down on my priorities.

This being said I played the “I don’t need it card” and probably updated my order 2 times the whole month (instead of 10-15 times) and only resupplied my stock once… I think…

Eve Mogul says I made 4.5 billion profit… I’m pretty sure I made more, but not much more. I’m still plagued by transactions with “0 isk” profit due to “old stock” and a somewhat recent migration to EVE Mogul.

All my hauling was done by public contracts, paid 200 million reward for 5 contracts. All contracts are fulfilled in less than 24 hours and this suits me fine. 

Paid my 2 accounts with 1 PLEX each, costing me a total 1,58 Billion. All standard and PLEX is going up again… Damn…

I didn’t dedicated myself much to blueprints. Tried to keep jobs running and put up about 150 contracts (as all my previous ones had expired). Then those contracts expired 15 days after and I said to myself “hell no”… I’ll bother with blueprint contracts next month (I believe I said this last month too).

I made 495 million selling BPCs and 900 million selling low tier researched BPOs. After considering all expenses, I kept 1,3 billion, sold 75 contracts for an average of 17 million per contract.

This is the lowest I ever made, and it’s not surprising considering I hardly maintained any contracts up. I was even lazier this month than the previous one when I considered I was “burned out”. Maybe next month I’ll dedicate myself a bit more to market and blueprints.

My PVP toons can now research BPOs in Curse. I’ve already bought a bunch of T1 Cruiser BPOs to research, but I’ve not taken them to Curse just yet… Maybe next month.

Finally, my Overall Graph

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Engagement Report 9 – Dual Hull Brutix

Ever had a roam where the Universe was telling you “No… just no… Go to bed man!”? I had one of those a while ago.

So I log in and my toons are completely separated. Pleniers is in Curse and Rtb in Thera. I hate when I log in and find this scenario. I usually prefer to spend some time at the end of my roams joining up my toons, so that when I log the following day I can jump directly into action instead of sorting “logistic problems”. This was a bad omen of things to come.

So, the closest connection to Thera from Curse is around 20 Null sec systems, 2 Hi-Sec systems and 2-3 of Low sec systems. Better get moving!

Travel goes with no incident and while Pleniers travels, Rtb probes out some exits from Thera. All cool. In the meantime I needed to sort stuff around the house, so jump Pleniers from Null sec into Hi-Sec and go AFK for a bit. 

When I return, I got the NPC customs police demanding me to “deliver my drugs” (this happened before drugs were legal in hi-sec). I happened to have some Improved Drop Booster in my cargo hold, and I’m quite attached to my drugs ingame (I don’t take any in RL, sorry guys…), so my dear space NPC annoying space police crap…


Things go a bit sourer than I expected… I became unable to do anything!! I could not target the NPCs, I could not activate my MWD, I could not activate any mod. Hell, my ship would not even turn upon itself! I was under the impression that police NPCs could be dodged by burning back to gate, but this is out of my knowledge indeed. Not sure if, by pure coincidence, I was also victim of a bug that prevented me of doing anything, especially because it happened to me something similar a few days after.

Anyway… as you can imagine, considering I could not move back to gate, I died. Just awesome… dead to freaking Hi-Sec NPCs due to drugs… The Universe was talking to me and I should have logged off.

But I didn’t!!! If I don’t log off after losing ships to players, I would not log off because of some crappy NPC. I headed out to a nearby hub, got another Brutix and entered Thera, losing precious time besides a ship.

Finally, with both toons reunited I headed off to Querious, but the region was too hot. I spent ages dodging 50+ Horde Fleets, 50+ NCdot Fleets, 50+CFC Fleets, 50+ NARM fleet, INK Fleets, Phoebe Fleets, camping cloaky Proteus… Hell I even had to dodge Thera Boys fleets for a couple times. Universe was talking to me again and telling me to log off.


In the mist of the confusion, my toons got separated and I jumped into a minor gatecamp with Rtb. 1 HIC, a couple Ferox and some tackle. Nothing troublesome…. If I had both toons ready I could even engage this, but right now I’d had to try cloak and burn back to gate. I tried to decloak but nothing… my ship would not move…. I check my other toon and had the same problem. Sigh…

Even before it showed up, I knew it in my heart…. SOCKET CLOSED!

I didn’t even tried to relog in a hurry. I knew I’d be dead already. Once I managed to get back into EVE, Rtb was in Curse and Pleniers was in Querious. Took a few minutes to petition the ship. I knew I’d get it back easily, but the damage had been done. My precious time lost was the real issue.

I must confess… I pondered logging off at this point, but you know what?


It was 25 jumps from Curse to my Querious location, so better get moving…

I get my toons reunited, and things had quiet down a bit. Looking for some prey I end up in a system where some locals were already being harassed by some low sec militia guys. A Deimos and an Ishtar. I’d already seen these guys a couple jumps before and I knew they had Legion links, so I also knew they’d be active tank with massive repairing power. Due to their low sec background, it’s plausible they had implants too.

The locals had not formed anything to kill them just yet, it was getting late for me and I started to wonder… I started to wonder if I could split them in a gate and isolate the Ishtar from its links (since it was not hull bonused for armor repair), and then bail with help of ECM drones.

That was the initial plan, but my patience was wearing thin at this point, so I just decided to go balls deep and get over with it. Guided them into a bubble and the brawl was on. Both Brutix applied DPS and Neuts onto the Ishtar, while ECM drones got deployed onto the Deimos.

It went as the Universe pretty much told me it was going to happen. ECM drones never got a jamm on the Deimos (that I’d noticed), and the Ishtar was doing pretty well, despite my 2 Medium Energy Neutralizers and 1000 DPS. Once he came down to half armor, he would repair back up to 100% with no problem. They had also spread their Scrams, so I was not going anyplace as I got deeper and deeper into structure.

One Brutix went POP and the other went PUFF. There you go… 4 Brutix lost in a couple hours. Can’t say I regret the fight. I know I’d keep wondering about it for some time, and it did provided the opportunity to really test my Brutix against some self-repairing ships with links and maybe implants, but next time I’ll definitely try to maintain the initial plan to split them.
At this point I conceded to the Universe and logged off…

I hate you Universe and your omniscience!