quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2015

October 2015 Report

Here goes the October 2015 Report

This month I almost managed to break my record, achieving 10.5 billion profit. I actually did not updated any market orders during October’s last week because I went out in vacations with my family and decided to also take a break from EVE, so did not even install it in my travel laptop. If I had updated my orders during that week I’d probably made another billion Isk or so profit.

I spent 2 PLEX to pay my accounts, 1.2 billion each… Nothing out of the ordinary here.

This month came to a very nice surprise! I managed to make 2 billions Isk profit. Most my profit came from selling researched BPOs and only 4.5% from selling BPCs. Sorting out contracts is boring, but the whole process is really easy and smooth, so it’s really easy isk. This month I decided to settle with a list of around 275 BPOs to research. It should take a whole lot of time to research them all, so I don’t need to bother with resupplying BPOs any time soon.

I really changed my strategy here. I only used public contracts, paying out the same as Red Frog charges, but setting collateral to 2 billion and hauling around 1.8 billion. I reduced my expenses from 1.1 billion to 700 million while pretty much moving around the same amount of stuff. More on this topic in upcoming month, but so far is really helping me reduce costs.

I pretty much sold every BPO/BPC I had bought in firesale from my ex-corpmate, making a total of 600 millions profit over 4 month time. I’m pretty much gonna consider this investment over.

I also bought 180 millions of T2 BPCs from another Ex corp mate that did not wanted them, and I’m selling those out at more than 50% profit. Unfortunately, BPCs don’t really sell all that well, don’t know why. Probably it’s because the BPC is consumed along the manufacture process, so it’s more viewed as a needed expense by industrialists, while a T1 researched BPO might be faced more as an investment… I don’t know really. This experiment is also good to check out the BPC contract system, and I’m really not impressed, so probably won’t even consider it in the near future.

As for buying and reselling capital BPOs I managed to make 600 million profit. One thing I noticed is that, in case you don’t sell your BPO fast, successive contracts will probably eat your profit. Contract taxes for a 2.5 billion BPO are expensive when you’re looking for a 200/300 mil profit or so. Also, right now with the capital rebalance, the researched Capital BPO market is really really saturated, so competition is getting high and prices dropping like a rock… Might have to put this endeavor on hold while this whole “Capital rebalance” madness calms down.

I’ve also searched to invest in reselling Battleships and Battlecruiser BPOs. From what I see, Battlecruisers BPOs going for around 800mil researched, don’t really offer a chance for the large quick profit I expect. Researched Battleships BPOs going for around 2-2.5 billion actually might, but I’m unsure on how well they sell, so I decided to try it out and see how goes. I’ll let you know next month.