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PVP and Trading – June 2016 Report

This month, I burned out…

…Happens, if you play EVE. In fact, EVE needs nothing special other than “normal gameplay” to burn people out, but here are some particular reasons that caused it to hit me this month:

1 – Had a bug where my ship would not load grid and would get stuck after a jump, but after 1 minute it decloaked as usual. So far so good, but I had been toying with some guys, separating them from their carrier support for half an hour, and was about to engage. I died in a totally powerless and useless way. CCP got me my ship back, but it did not paid out the work I had to get the engagement to happen in my terms.

2 – My PC lagged to hell a couple critical times. One of those times I had a 2 billion Tengu tackled with 1 Brutix, but PC froze and Tengu slowboated away before my other toon got on top of him… Just great…

3 – I had a couple other fights where I could have killed very rare preys (couple Machariels, more faction Tengus, etc), but in the end I managed to kill no other than a couple interceptors. Nothing out of the ordinary really happened all those times, but if got frustrating… Then again, I was aiming a bit too high, but still…

3 – CCP announced it would stop supporting DirectX 9. I’m one of those guys with a somewhat old PC and it only works on DirecX 9. Option is to spend real money (in a new PC or new Graphics Card), because CCP wants it… Freaking annoying… I needed an upgrade that’s granted, but I’d prefer to do it when I want and not when some bozos in a frozen Island in the middle of the Atlantic say so!

4 – My tool used to keep track of market profits broke!... So, now I’m “trading blind” and it gets on my nerves a bit as I tend to be somewhat of a control freak. I had already subscribed EVE Mogul V3, but as I rely on old stock, most numbers I have for this month are inaccurate. More on this bellow.

5 – CCP decided to bring the CREST market thingie down for the weekend I was going to dedicate myself to market stuff. I was already annoyed because my market profit tracker was down and this brought EVE Central and Evernus down too (even if for only a couple days). Bah… 

6 – Stellaris came out. Hell, it was the perfect opportunity for the carebear in me to grow an empire for personal profit, while gloating to have a massive elite pvp fleet as I blob the sky with my fleets, when in reality I’m just spamming mining/isk (energy) stations all around. I even have to deal with unhappy crybabies that want to leave my elite pvp empire for other dissident factions, and other empires even insult me! I can have all the Sov experience EVE provides AND pause the damn thing when I want! What more can I ask for?! Oh… ye… this meant less EVE.

7 – I went for a week of vacations with no internet, and it felt really good. I did suffered a bit of an extra bloodlust when I came back though… more on that bellow.
Let’s go onto the reports

PVP Report
This focus into my “Alone PVP” endeavours, using usually 2 tons. I might eventually team up with the occasional friend during my “Alone PVP” roams, but any kills/losses I achieve in a proper fleet are not posted or analysed here.

I’m not even going to lie about my goals as an ”Alone PVPer”. I want to find people, deceive them and kill them. I’m a brawler at heart, so dying is inevitable, but I want to make sure I manage to kill more than I lose. While not trying to be an Isk Efficiency fanatic, I do prefer to use cheaper affordable ships to kill more expensive ones

Carriers and carriers and carriers and carriers and carriers all around. No matter if the locals have 10 Battleships or only 2 Frigates ready for me, they have to bring a carrier. While it makes getting kills harder, I get a much bigger pleasure when I do finally manage to get a nice kill, so it’s all good.

As I was kinda burned out, I changed my style a bit, and cloaky camped a lot more. Usually as carebears round up some numbers, I try to have them chase me, slipt them and run around in circles while trying getting a favourable window of opportunity for me to engage. This ends up with me being killed for sure, but also provides me with a few very nice kills. This month, once the carebears rounded up more than I could handle, I’d just cloak up and go play Stellaris instead of toying with them. This meant I’d stay for several days in the same pockets getting less kills, but grooming up a lot of hatred from the locals. Was actually a nice change…


Next graph shows how many ships I killed and lost, using my most usual combinations.

Still addicted to Dual Hull Brutix. Killed 38 ships while losing 14. Really bad by my usual standards. Reason is simple… Once I came from 1 week vacations with no EVE, I had a bit of an extra bloodlust and got a bit more reckless. Once I came back home, within 24 hours I had already lost 6 Brutix…

I did used a couple of Dual Cloaky Navy Hull Brutix (finally!). They performed ok, killing 12 ships, but in reality, I would have managed the same kills with just regular Brutix. My problem with the Navy version of the Brutix is that I really only gain extra EHP. I already mitigate the lack of tracking from the regular Brutix with some Drop Booster, and I have bigger problems than the ship’s EHP that need addressed, like the lack of a 5th mid slot for cap injection. Also, people tend to be more afraid of a Navy Brutix and I can expect to find even more carriers in the field against me.


Let’s take a better look on the hostiles I killed. Next graph shows what ships I killed and how many.

 Most kills were Stratios, Vexor and Brutix. I was really puzzled…

Why so many Stratios?... I seem to have found several guys looking for ratters that decided to go for my Brutix hoping for an easy kill. One of them even stated in local he was so damn bored because all ratters ran away from him… A Neut PVP Stratios will kill one of my Brutix easy, as I don’t have cap injection, but 2 Brutix manage to take care of themselves really nicely in those cases.

This month I only killed 31 different ship types, as I killed overall less.

Following graph shows the Isk value per ship type.

Largest spike is the Stratios, by a large margin, followed by the Orthrus and Pilgrim. Faction Cruisers dominating the Isk chart once again, but no Gila for couple month strait… I’m unaware of changes that might have caused people to use the Gila less. This is probably just a luck related factor.

Even though many ship types killed might attest for a good variety on the field, I created some Categories in order to understand better the different ship classes I managed to kill.

 Faction Cruisers back on top of my prey, as I like it, considering they do provide for very nice killmails. Then we have T1 DPS Cruisers, because they do actually make a great cheap disposable PVP choice and finally Combat Battlecruisers along with Interceptors.

For me it’s official, Combat Battlecruisers are back and are dislodging HACs as a PVP choice. People are slowly but surely turning to them for the odd engagement.

How about isk wise, in what categories I’m able to inflict more economic pain?

Faction Cruisers lead by a LOOOOOOOOOT as pretty much expected now. 

Was somewhat surprised to see Battleships as 2nd top isk prey… looking better I did killed 3 Battleships and that is highly unusual. I got my hands on an old school ratting Arty Tempest (an easy kill), a Typhoon where my ECM drones jammed his ass for most of the fight, and a Megathron with the help of some wormholers that teamed up with me for a small bit. It’s unlikely I’ll kill as many battleship in the near future.


Equally important is the notion on what ships are being used to kill me. Solo players always complain about being “blobbed” all the time. Well… I WANT for my foes to try to “blob” me, I WANT to fight outnumbered, I WANT for them to bring their best, so that I can outsmart them and kill them, just before I bail out teasing them!!... or die trying… Of course, once my foes bring too much it’s time to safe up and let them vent in local on how I’m a coward because I’m not throwing myself at their 15/20 men fleets for their leisure. 

1st thing I checked was how large were the fleets that actually killed me, or in other words, how many people are in my losses killmails.

Generally speaking, if I died to a gang of more than 10 people I was probably simply ganked.

If I died to a gang with 5-10 people, I was probably surprised by unexpected backup.
My preferred targets are mostly gangs with less than 5 people, and if I died, it probably means that I made serious mistakes and/or assessed the situation very badly and that there is a lesson to be learned around on how to make better next time.

Looking at the graph, I was ganked by large fleets 2 times… This is very acceptable!

I died 8 times to gangs with 6-10 people. Could have chosen my fights better.

I died 4 times to 1-5 man Fleets… These are my intended targets and I seem to find these a lot, so I still believe there are good opportunities to a solo player/small gang out there.

Let’s take a look to the ships that actually managed to kill me
Largest spike are the Caracal and Cerberus, as they are the most popular T1 Cruiser/HAC and can even to the same fleets together. They are used in both fleets and small gang warfare, so not a big surprise.

Then we have the Vexor with the Hecate. Vexor is also a pretty standard T1 Cruiser around but the Hecate was a bit surprising… It’s usually SvipulSvipulSvipulSvipul, but I suppose that if it’s not T3 Dessy A, it’s T3 Dessy B… 

There are also many many ships that show up in my Killmails once or twice only. A total of 46 different ship types were used to kill me. I pretty much think this shows that EVE is healthy when it comes to variety and small gang PVP.

Let’s look at the Categories used to kill me

My top killers were T1 Cruisers, Combat Battlecruisers and T3 Dessys and that is really not surprising, but today I want to focus on other ship classes.

I been dying a lot to Battleships, HAC and HIC… In fact, I did not manage to kill any HAC or HIC. I already know that HAC are a torn my foot, but I can manage them decently 1 or 2 at a time. 

HIC are becoming an issue though. Not only I cannot kill them before they deagress or before more backup arrives, but also, they do tend to have cynos… This month I escaped the HIC/Carrier combo a couple times. Also a HIC takes on the form of a support ship, and people only bring it if they have a cyno or if 10 other guys are ready to also engage. This month I’m adding the HIC to the “Do not engage at any cost” class. I already have this attitude with Logistic and ECM cruisers, but these tend to be somewhat rare. HIC and Carriers (separately or combined) are proliferating like crazy these days, so need to take extra caution. 

Things will only get better once carebears start losing some carriers to make them think twice before dropping them on each solo cruiser moving around, but aegis sov mechanics will prevent that from happening any time soon. The only groups that can really kill carriers in all regions, on a regular basis, will be wormhole people, so let’s see if wormhole people can improve a bit the small gang PVP landscape concerning carriers.

Ships that completely dominate solo wannabe PVPers, like ECM Cruisers and Logistics, aren’t really used all THAT much. I find that extremely good news for me and other solo guys out there.
That’s all I remembered to take a look at in a PVP Report. Make sure to undock and go out there!


As I was burned out this month, went on vacations with no internet and played more Stellaris than EVE, so I made a lot less isk… Not only that, Eve-Profit broke and I have no reliable means of knowing how much Isk I made. I also subscribed to EVE Mogul V3, but many transactions are marked at 0isk profit, due to me having a lot of old stock… 

Eve Mogul says I made 5.5 billion profit… Im pretty sure I made more, probably in the vicinity of 7 billion or so, but you know what, for the sake of avoiding declaring too much profit, I’m going to say I made 6 billion profit this month.

As for interesting stuff, a couple Citadels showed up in Hek. I dedicated myself a bit more to Skill Extractor/Injectors trade in this new Citadel. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was among the 1st 10 or so guys to trade those items at the Hek Citadel. It was funny to see how, in the period of a week, pretty much most of Skill Extractor/Injectors and even Plex trade moving to the Citadel. And I don’t mean “offshoring” like in other hubs where you cannot have a Citadel in your hub system. In Hek, those items are really traded at the Citadel with better prices than the NPC station, circumventing buy order and sell order taxes all together.

Initially I made good Isk on those items, but as I burned out, as I went on vacations and as competition settled in, profits plummeted as expected. Still, once I had a break from EVE, I’ll invest more on those items at the Citadel.

I also tried to do offshoring in Dodixie for PLEX and Skill Injectors/Extractors, but generally, only avoiding the buy orders tax is not good enough for me.  I aborted this experiment, but I do have buy orders set to Citadel only and sell those items at the same Citadel, 1 jump out of Dodixie. Slow moving with more profit, so probably suits me better. We shall see.


All my hauling was done by public contracts, paid 250 million reward for 5 contracts. All contracts are fulfilled in less than 24 hours and this suits me fine. 


Paid my 2 accounts with 1 PLEX each, costing me a total 1,7 Billion. All standard and PLEX is going slightly down.


Due to being burned out, I took a slight deviation concerning BPOs and BPCs.

Citadel Mods
I did not worried too much about making BPCs from citadel mods and instead worried more about getting them to ME/TE 7/14. I will not develop BPOs more than 7/14 with some exceptions to couple rigs and maybe the Medium Citadel itself. Once I got the Citadel Mods BPOs to 7/14 I got them to my usual NPC station in hi-sec where I’ll focus on creating BPCs, until the day I decide that those BPCs are just too cheap to make it worth.

Next month, my next move is going to be purging all those “non 7/14” BPCs I still have available. I don’t want to deal with selling several researched level BPCs and they are mostly “free” and I just want to offer the best I have anyway.

For now, Citadel Mods BPCs still means good isk. Depending on market conditions, a BPC can sell for 3-10 mil, and this is quite good in my perspective.

Last month I stated the “Standup Cloning Center I Blueprint” and “Standup Guided Bomb Launcher I Blueprint” to be a huge disappointment, but gave them an opportunity as they are Large and Extra-Large Citadel Mods. As those began to show up around, I expected those BPCs to sell more. How did it went 1 month after?

Sold 5 “Standup Cloning Center I Blueprint” for a total of 75 mil. Better than nothing, but not good. There was already too much competition settled in when people started to buy these BPCs. Would have sold more but as I burned out, I didn’t bothered.

Sold 5 “Standup Guided Bomb Launcher I Blueprint” for a total of 370 mil! That’s better!! Reason is quite simple… for a week or so I was the only person in all EVE to have these BPCs available, so I asked 75 mil for each BPC, because why not? I’m the one setting the price, not my competition. Would have sold more but as I burned out, I didn’t bothered.

Medium Citadel BPO.
Still being researched and copied in Curse NPC station. In fact, it’s the only BPC I have there, as all other are, once again, in hi-sec. 

BPC prices are as down as 15 million or so, but I noticed people are starting to pay a bit more for researched BPC instead of just going for cheap ME/TE 0/0 BPCs. Just not sure how much more they willing to pay…

I sold 3 Medium Citadel BPCs for 15 mil each in less than 24 hours… This is too low. I’ll need to define the price I really want and see if people buy them for a bit more, as they are also somewhat researched.

BPCs and BPOs Balance
I made 860 million selling BPCs and 1,2 billion selling low tier researched BPOs. After considering all expenses, I kept 1,9 billion, sold 107 contracts for an average of 20 million per contract.

Made 1 billion less than previous 3 month or so (about 1/3 less), but considering I didn’t spent more than 30 minutes in the whole damn month worrying about this crap, I still consider it pretty good. It got to the point where ALL my contracts expired… It’s going to be a hell of a ride putting them back up next month. Sigh…

My PVP toons can now research BPOs in Curse but I still have no idea what! As I’m proving to be too lazy about this subject, might just go for a bunch of T1 Cruisers, research them for a couple month and collect and extra isk.

Did not bought any Capital BPOs in order to resell them…

domingo, 10 de julho de 2016

Engagement Report 8 – Dual Hull Brutix

One of these days I found myself in Drone Lands. Checked map and went to mess around in an alliance that tends to be very active. When going to very active places I have a strategy. Keep 1 toon with cloaked eyes near the entry point for the pocket I’m going to poke, in order to see if I’m getting camped and to insure that my entry/exit point is clear. My other toon goes into the pocket getting noticed but without worrying too much about engaging inside the carebears pocket.

Upon my arrival there was a mass exodus to local stations, with 3 systems having around 20 in local each. It was feeling like a mini-Provi area… Carriers were hugging the stations, people would undock in ships, only to re-dock and undock in something different. This is pretty much a sign that the locals have no idea on what to do and that an FC is being called in coms to guide them.

Eventually some brave fellas started to kite from stations towards me, in order to catch me. This is a sign that ranks are getting sorted and that some coordination among my prey is getting achieved. Now I need to try achieving a very delicate balance. I need them to feel confident, but still mostly disorganized, while being able to make some distance from the main fleet being assembled. Once I saw that local in my entry system was rising by 10 and that people were being brought by jump bridges, it was time to leave and make them chase me a bit.

I jump out from their pocket as 1 stiletto tries to catch me. Already outside the pocket 1 or 2 jumps away, I wait on a gate far their entry point, while also trying to keep cloaky eyes on their movements. Right now, my backup Brutix is more important as an intel tool rather than anything else! My local climbs by 10 and I notice my foes have a spearhead of around 6 tacklers, 1 Caracal and 1 Cerberus, but their main fleet seems to still be away, unsure for how long though. I notice that ships warping to several gates, so they do not know where I am exactly. I just need to wait a bit and hopefully they’ll get to me fast.

A Caracal appears on my gate, and having limited time I engage. Yes, I know he can take the careful approach and jump out, but my opportunity window is closing by the second, so I just do it and hope he gets overconfident. Also, I can easily tank half a dozen interceptors for 1 minute and jump out If needed.

He aggresses me back. Cool! My Tank Brutix can kill a Caracal fast enough without backup, so I keep my DPS Brutix cloaked in a strategic place for intel. The Caracal dies and a Stiletto scrams me while all other frigates only long point me. I consume my Improved Drop Booster, try to keep him at range 4km in order to have better tracking and kill it fast enough. The Cerberus had warped at range and is closing in. I overload my MWD and try to catch him. He noticed the Brutix trying to ram him and warped off. 

About now local climbs by more 15, up to a total of 25, so I align out, hit my MJD, warp off and cloak. I had not managed to kill anything really juicy like the Cerberus, but having killed 2 ships in such a limited window of opportunity felt nice. Now I was camped and had to wait.

It seems that I had roamed here recently, and some of the locals still remembered me as well as the fact that I was a cloaky. Being a cloaky is really handy and it does annoy my foes a lot too. Me and my foes both smacked local a bit, but no one was really offensive so it was all good. My foes decided that isk making was important than camping me, so they went their way and so did I.

I headed out to another pocket that seemed to have some activity and used somewhat the same tactic. Kept DPS Brutix in the entry to the pocked cloaked and roamed a bit with my Tank Brutix. I quickly noticed these guys were nearly not as active and my previous foes. Local had about 5 guys, saw 1 PVE Paladin in an escalation site on D-Scan (therefore I needed combat probes to get him and I had none) and mostly some mining ships on POSes.

Here I made a decision that would eventually be costly… Even though I did not feared much getting camped or having a large fleet amassed to kill me, I opted to keep my backup DPS Brutix in the same spot, instead of trying to get both ships closer. Reason was mostly to avoid intel but then again, is always a delicate balance. Have both ships nearby but let your foes know what you have, or have them a bit further apart and manage to get a good surprise effect?

As I’m moving around, an Ashimmu and a Crow land on my gate and aggress! Before I decided to aggress I needed some quick intel. The icon notifications above the HUD are wonderful. They allow you to know who’s doing want to you, and by how much. By hoovering on my icon notification I saw that he had 2 Nosferatus on me and only 1 Web and a Long Point. This pretty much means that:
1 – He has somewhat “limited” neuting power, even taking in account the nasty bonus it get to nosferatus and such. It would still be a LOT worse if he had 2 neutralizers.
2 - By having only 1 web I can probably still keep range control on him, applying blaster DPS decently.
3 – By having only 1 web he’s going to have a capacitor booster… Combined with 2 nosferatus it means that my own Energy Neutralizer is probably a waste on him and I should probably worry more about saving my own capacitor by not activating my own Neut. 

I decide to engage, sending out ECM drones and not activating my neutralizer to save capacitor. At same time I try to bring my backup DSP Brutix a couple jumps out. While fighting I realize it’s an active tank Ashimmu… That’s bad… My Tank Brutix has somewhat limited DPS to break an active tank ship, especially when I’m on the wrong end of Capacitor warfare. I look at my other screen to see if my 2nd Brutix is still far and…

..And the damn ship is still cloaked!!! Oh come on! I failed to decloak him properly and warp. I decloak him and warp outgate.

Fight is ongoing and the Ashimmu is doing fine. I still have lots of tank left, but capacitor going down. Soon I’ll be dry. I look at my other screen again to see how long for my backup toon and…

… AND THE FREAKING SHIP IS STILL YET CLOAKED AGAIN!!! SERIOUSLY?!?! FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Did I just messed decloaking my ship 2 times in a row? I’m starting to think that I should lose this fight...

I FINALLY decloak it and set my way. Pleniers is about to die, so I jump in in hopes of saving him and…. No one is at the in gate…


This is where another interesting feature comes into play… Local pocket has many connections. All nearby systems are connected to 3 or 4 other systems, so my autopilot pretty much messed up, meaning I jumped in the right system from a wrong location, far from the engagement. I have to make YET another warp.

As for my Tank Brutix fighting the Ashimmu, things are not going too well. Even though I did managed to jamm the Ashimmu 3 times, bloodlust was kicking and I did NOT wanted to warp off.  I still had a last resort in the form of the MJD, as long as I had 200 GJ of Capacitor. That limit or “point-of-not-getting-away” was crossed as Rtb was jumping into local. I decided to not bail, only to realise too late that my backup had jumped into system but from a gate far away. Things got worse as a Paladin and a Svipul come in, providing backup to the Ashimmu, increasing the damage by a lot. The Paladin alone made 20% damage and was on grid for the shortest time.

Pleniers dies and a few seconds after Rtb arrives. Hell, the Ashimmu is already in bad shape so I go for him. I would not leave without my prize! The increased DPS from Rtb is enough to break the Ashimmu’s tank and he dies. Under fire from the Paladin and long pointed by the Crow and Svipul, I activate my MJD to bail.

Even now I managed to mess up. I had not aligned to absolutely nothing before activating my MJD, so once I teleport 100km away, I am not ready to warp off and Crow starts coming at me moving 5000+m/s. Geez… is it possible for me to mess up any more stuff?! There is an anomaly near my direction, so warp to it at 100km range. As I land I try to warp off immediately, but the Svipul comes in at 30km away from me and long points me!


Ok, I have no choice, I need to kill it. I Overload all my mids, and rush towards him. The svipul pilot, either not realizing the threat or forgetting to overload his MWD or changing to Propulsion mode, is caught by me and dies shortly after. Seems like I was managing to turn all this mess around a bit.

Afterwards they try to catch me with 2 Cerberus and 1 Onyx, but the fact there are so many connections between systems plays against them this time, and I’m able to escape easily. Still pondered on trying to kill one of them, but my only alive Brutix was fairy damaged and was getting late for me. I returned back to Thera and called it a day.