domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2017

Trade Report – Last Trading Report


It’s been a long time since I did I full overview over my activities. Reason is simple: I become a daddy once again!! \o/

Along with this new endeavor in my life, EVE time became more limited and I took a break from making isk. Every time I had available, I spent it trying to blow people off the sky. Considering I have around 130 bil in assets, I won’t run out ships to waste in any recent future. Hell, I just spent 15 bil buying 100 more Hull Brutix (can’t have enough of those).

This being said, and having kept track on my market activities for 3 years, it’s to let it go. I already know how much profit I can make resorting to market and resorting to BPO research and how many expenses I have. Unless I change my methodology drastically, I’ll have a decent idea on how my operations are going, without the psychotic excel crunching (that I enjoy nevertheless), but bigger priorities arise, and in EVE, the hunt always takes precedence.

With Alpha Clones incoming, I hereby leave my general operation guidelines to make ISK, mostly AFK, resorting to market and BPO research, hoping it might be useful to someone:

1-      I do Regional Trade. I buy in Jita Sell Orders and sell in Hek Sell Orders at an NPC Station. I prefer to sell a low amount of items with large profit margins.
2-      I use a Google Spreadsheet with Steve Ronuken script, in order to pull prices for my “Trade Items List” from EVE Central site;
3-      My “Trade Items List” consists in:
a.       Capital Mods and Rigs
b.      Implants
c.       T3 Subsystems
d.      POS Structures
e.      STANDUP Structures
f.        Faction Mods
g.       T2 Medium and Large Rigs
4-      My “Trade Items List” has around 600 items (it grew over time) and is only updated if new profitable mods appear.
5-      I heavily adjusted my Google Spreadsheet to sort by most potential profitable Items and to define the quantity I need to buy from each item. This way I can copy/paste the items I want to buy, and respective quantities, using the “Multibuy” feature in EVE Market and buy up to 100 different items in less than 30 seconds;
6-      I resupply the Hek Market once per week, usually before the weekend;
7-      All hauling from Jita to Hek is done by Public contracts with 25 million reward and 2 billion collateral. All get fulfilled in less than 24 hours;
8-      I update my Sell Orders in Hek once every 2-3 days. I don’t have any buy orders in Jita or Hek
9-      I use the program “Evernus” to update orders very quicky. Long story short, using this program one only needs to use a keyboard shortcut to copy/paste prices into EVE.
10-   In order to track my market profits I use the site “Eve-Mogul”.
11-   I have 2 market toons in Hek, with a total of around 450 Sell Orders waiting to be fulfilled.

I trade PLEX, Skill Injectors or Skill Extractors in a really casual basis, and are an exception to my normal Market Operations.
1-      I buy PLEX, Skill Injectors and Skill Extractors using Buy Orders in a private Citadel in Hek and sell them at the same private Citadel.

1-      I have 4 toons with 10 research slots each (total of 40 slots) researching BPOs or copying BPCs, permanently (or as much as “permanently” possible).
2-      All research is done in one hi-sec small POS, in range from my toons positions.
3-      I research a list of around 400 BPOs, mostly low tier T1 mods (High, Medium and Low ship slots) and low tier Capital BPOs.
4-      I prefer to research a large spectrum of BPOs and hardly buy more than couple repeated BPOs. Diversity over quantity.
5-      All hauling is done by public contracts.
6-      All BPOs are sold at Jita, using Corporation Contracts from the Corp Assets Deliveries hangar.

Once Citadels came out, I bought an Astrahaus Citadel BPO and a bunch of Citadel Mods (known as STANDUP Mods) for a total of 13 billion.
1-      Astrahaus Citadel is still being researched at NPC Null Station in Curse Region, and between research jobs, BPCs are generated to provide some extra isk.
2-      Citadel Mods have all been researched to level 7/14 and are stored in a Station in Hi-Sec. When needed BPCs are generated and hauled to Jita by public contracts.
The whole Citadel Blueprint Operation is a long term experiment to see how long I’ll take to make a profit over the 13 billion investment. For this experiment I’m only considering “profit” the revenues from BPC sales and not the innate valorization of a researched BPO.

If you haven’t kept track of my previous blog posts, I can make between 7-10 bil profit per month, after considering all sort of expenses, while spending an average of 15 minutes per day. It’s a pretty good feeling to wake up in morning, check your wallet and see you’ve grown space richer during your well-deserved sleep… considering one of your kids didn’t woke up several times that is.

I’ll continue posting some PVP adventures when possible, but as far as trading goes, I really have nothing new to offer, so I’m pulling the plug. Hope you enjoyed reading that aspect of my EVE career and thanks for all the support I received from other folks interested in the market aspect!
See ya, and get off my trade hub! :D