domingo, 26 de julho de 2015

Trading - 2013-2015 Financial Report

Any data from before 2013 is lost. I did not keep a track of my profits because it was a pain to do it, and for me it was pretty much suffice to know that Isk was flowing in at a good rate (according to my needs), so why bother further?!

In Late 2013 I found out about “Eve profit” at It’s an amazing tool, because it records and manages buy/sell order from every toon I have. It records the price, “Item A” was bought by my “Jita Toon” and will correlate it with the price sold by my “Dodixie Toon” later on, using a method called “First in/First out”, or something like it…With this tool I could have a pretty nice idea on my performance. Here is the spreadsheet with  the main data. 

“Buy (Isk)” field – It’s pretty much everything I buy from the market. Important note! This includes PLEX that I use to pay subscription and stockpile a bit, plus my expenses with PVP ships. Therefore 1.5-2.5 Bil represents PLEX, and I’d spend 1-2Bil in ships (Yes, I die and stockpile lot’s of crap)

“Sell (Isk)” field – It’s everything I sell in the market. It pretty much represents the items I trade. I don’t really sell anything other than I buy in Jita, exception to the occasional faction mod that I grab from some poor fella who came into my scram range, or some mods that I might buy at discount from corp, but those number are hardly relevant.

“Income” field – Isk entering or exiting my wallet in the end of the month. It’s really only the Sell-Buy value, and I don’t consider it to be really relevant. Most important info here is that it seems that, per month, my wallet grows, in average, 2.8 Bil.

“Profit (isk)” Field – This is the profit value provided by the program “EVE Profit”, using the “First in/First out” method. I seem to be making an average of 7.2 Bil profit/month.

“Profit (%)” Field – Value obtained by dividing my Profit (isk)/Sell (isk), making about 16%/month average.

Spreadsheets are nice to see totals and averages, but let’s take a deeper look into my Profit (isk) using a graph.

1st of all, I start with a “lucky spike”… I have no idea why it’s there. It’s also when Rubicon expansion came out, but I doubt it’s really related. Usually my profits are related to personal life events, or to my patience to update market orders. I also checked if I had some items that sold over the average, but no… that particular month Capital Mods were the most profitable, but don’t really explain the spike. I’m going to attribute it to me having more patience to do market stuff.

Then you see a downhill tendency, until it crashes with the “Baby Arriving” event. That’s pretty much self explanatory I’d say. Also, I had a “Mid-life” crisis in EVE. With a baby arriving I was unsure to what would happen to me and EVE. Would I have time to log in? Should I unsub and take a long break? Would I make Isk to pay PLEX while taking care of a newly born baby? I did slow down on my EVE activity a lot. Eventually the dust settled, and considering I don’t really spend much time doing market stuff, I managed to regain my usual routine after a few month. I just have to wait for baby to get to sleep and all is good :D

 Still, not taking in account the “Baby Arriving” all-low, there was a decreasing trend in my profits, and this trend I do not attribute to my laziness. Something was changing and making my profits diminish. After looking a bit in my logs, I noticed that my main trade hub, Dodixie, had been making less and less profit over time. I honestly cannot say why. Local parasites still go around the 350 mark, so cause was not an increase in population, and I pretty much traded the same old items. In January 2015 I changed my main market Hub from Dodixie to Hek, where you have less sales but bigger margins than Dodixie, and it pretty much seemed to work instantly. Not a huge difference, but it’s there!

Once again, I had a low spike afterwards, due to family being sick, and did not even care for EVE much. Once back on track, is business as usual!

Main conclusions:
- Real Life and not Expansions or game changes, play the biggest role in my profits;
- Profits are fairly even over time, mostly because when I hit the “7Bil profit” mark I stop doing market stuff;
- Down trend from early 2014 was worrying me a bit, implemented a change and it’s working so far. These trends downwards worry me more than low spikes due to Real Life causes. A downward trend might represent a failed strategy and doom my efforts in the long run.

I thought it’d also be interesting to take a quick peek to the “Profit (%)” graph

 I was quite surprised to see how similar it was to the “Profit (isk)” graph. It should not be THAT similar! After all, I can sell only 1 Bil in a month at a 50% profit instead of 10 Bil at 15% profit. I could perfectly have an “Up” spike in “% graph” and a “Down” spike in the “Isk graph” for the same month. Still, after thinking a bit, I think the similarity is due to game market mechanics. Here is my theory:

If I update my orders often (once per day, every day in my case), I sell stuff sooner and faster, and I’ll sell those items at a higher price, no needing to undercut my competition by much, or for many times. There’s a better chance for “Item A” to be sold at 90% of the initial potential profit when I bought it in Jita.If I don’t update often (lets say I only update orders once per week), I sell stuff much later and in less amount. Not only that, when I finally update my orders I’ll realize I’ve not been undercut by the usual 0.1isk, but market prolly shifted more and I’ll need reduce my price for several million Isk, reducing my profit margin drastically in one shot.

Main Conclusion:
- Less market order updates lead to less sales and also lead to lesser % in profit. Sales volume and % Profit are more related than I expected in EVE, before actually thinking about it.

sexta-feira, 24 de julho de 2015

Trading - End of 2011 Report and Updated Strategy to current days

I don’t really have hard data on my 2011 trade. Here’s the reasons:
- Did not knew any 3rd party tool to keep track of my profits;
- Putting transactions into Excel from EVE, and then managing/sorting the data was a pain for me;

Nevertheless I still remember the general info:
- I would have 2 Bil sales (not profit) per week, making it 8 Bil sales/month;
- Profit was just under 20%, making it 1.6bil profits;
- I still made Robotics via PI, making 500mil profit;
- I’d support 3 accounts with PLEX (was way cheaper back then) and still have some Isk to resupply market and buy PVP ships;
- I would buy from Jita Sell Orders and haul it myself to Dodixie 1 time per week.

Not wanting to dwell more in the past, is suffice to say that things changed (even if slowly) from 2011 up to now. 

Here is my current strategy, and I’ll get on further detail about it in later posts.
- Objective is to make Isk to buy Plex for 2 Accounts and support PVP ships;
- Objective is to spend the least possible time actively making Isk. Process should be as passive as possible;
- I aim to low volume of sales, with good margins of profit;
- I do Regional Trading. Buy in Jita Sell Orders, sell stuff in Dodixie, Hek, Rens;
- I buy in Jita 2-3 times per month to replenish market orders. Process takes me 1 hour each time.
- All my hauling is done by “Red Frog Freight”;
- I don’t have inventory. If I buy something, it’s intended to be put in the market the next day;
- If I have the patience, I might put a few Bil in Jita Buy Orders to get stuff cheaper. I never update those buy orders and usually wait until they fulfill or fail;
- I use Google Docs and Steve Ronuken Script ( to pull data from Eve Central, in order to help me decide what to buy at a given time; If you don’t know how to use Google Scripts try I knew nothing about it and had to learn the hard way.
 - I have a list of 650 items that I potentially trade:
·        Structures;
·        Implants;
·        Capital Mods;
·        Faction Mods;
·        XL Ammo;
·        T3 Subsystems;
·        Fighters;
·        T1 and T2 Large Rigs;
·        T2 Medium Rigs;
·        Some misc stuff like Mobile Warp Disruptors…
- I use Evernus program to update my market orders (
- I only update market orders once per day. Process takes me 30 minutes usually;
- I use “EVE Profit” to keep track of my profits; (
- I press the “Lazy” button more than often. Once I made what I consider “enough isk” per month, I just slow down or stop updating my orders. Trading is nice in small amounts, but more like of a necessary side job.

So that is my main strategy at current time.
Next post I’ll show ya guys a report from 2013-2015

terça-feira, 21 de julho de 2015

Trading - Choosing a Market Hub in 2011

Already knowing I wanted to avoid Jita and that I’d give regional trading a shot, I traveled a bit around to the main hubs. I would check several prices in both Jita and secondary hubs at same time, make some mental math to see if there was a good profit to be made, checked the volume sold, etc. 

Everything was really overwhelming and I was completely lost, but eventually decided for Dodixie. It was quieter than Amarr, had good margins comparing to Jita prices, and stuff sold also a bit faster than Rens or Hek. Also I had already lived in Dodixie before and was a great place to ninja salvage and grief carebears (Dodixie had a lvl 20 agent, before those got “rebalanced”). What could be better than making isk and grief people in the same system!

Now to decide what to trade. Upon my market investigations I reached some conclusions:
- Ships had low margins, really low. Everyone seemed to like selling them. Exception was really T2 haulers and the occasional Recon or T2 Logistic.
- Ship mods had huge competition. Not only each market order could easily have more items than the ones sold in the whole system in a day, but most items had 10+ orders being updated several times per day.
- Faction items were too expensive for me to invest heavily, and price shifted too randomly, mostly because some sellers got those items for “free” while exploring, and made huge undercuts. Also I was lost with so many faction items… What’s the point of having a bizillion different set of 10mn faction Microwarpdrives?... Geez…

So what about the good news?
- Structures had a good profit margin, affordable prices (from the simple warp scramble battery to a small POS), not much competition and seemed to have decent sales;
- Implants, though expensive, had really low competition (no more than 2/3 orders per High-Grade implant) and amazing profits;
- Skillbooks were seeded by NPCs 2 jumps away, and not many were selling in Dodixie. These were indeed a nice surprise. Science Skillbooks were seeded by NPC at 10mil, 2 jumps out, I’d go grab some, sell in Dodixie at 14mil with no competition.

It was decided, I’d try out Structures, some Implants and Skillbooks. I spent 10 Billions in Jita sell orders, hauled them myself to Dodixie (not all at same time), and tested out the waters.

segunda-feira, 20 de julho de 2015

Trading - Setting up my Isk Making Strategy

I had decided I would not pay for EVE with Real Life Money ever again. If that were to happen, I’d quit the game. I knew what I did NOT wanted to do:
 - I did not wanted to kill NPCs for Isk ever again. Not in High-sec, 0.0, WH space or whatever!
- I did not wanted to team up with other players to make Isk, so no industrial/renting corps. I’d make my own Isk solo or quit the game.
- PI was exciting to project and set up, but was dull to maintain. Placing extractor heads and hauling is too boring.
- PI did not supplied the ISK amount I wanted, even if I invested more time/toons in it.
- I did not wanted to manufacture T1 or T2 items. Industry in hi-sec stations was limited by slots at the time, and those were always filled.
- I did not wanted to spend isk in a POS to research BPOs, create BPCs or to manufacture. I did not understood anything about it to invest “heavily” in it. Also I did not wanted to haul stuff to/from POS.
- I did not wanted to haul stuff around for others, risking my expensive ships, paying big collaterals and receiving 10 millions for 1 hour travel.

I had lurked in EVE Market forums and there was many people “complaining” that traders could make huge isk, without even undocking. That seemed the thing for me. I knew nothing about EVE market other than “Buy Low/Sell High”, but it’s easier said than done.

I decided to follow some tips on avoiding Jita for starters due to the huge competition there (I would not update orders more than once per day), and went for some regional trading. I would buy in Jita and sell in another hub, hauling it in my freighter (hauling once per week or so would be acceptable).

Next step would be to decide where to sell stuff and what to sell.