sexta-feira, 16 de junho de 2017

So, I moved my ass to HED-GP…

Well actually I moved to Keberz, the hi-sec system 1 jump out, but we’ll get there.

Anyway, why did I moved from K-QWHE and Curse region? 

In reality, I kinda “moved out” in 2014, when my 1st kid was born. Having a baby/child with some sleep issues (and even other natural needs), forcing me to go AFK unexpectedly every hour or so, I restrained myself from FCing or joining fleets and instead focused in roaming far away alone with a cloak on every ship of mine. Ever since, I only return home once I get my ass podded and stay around for long enough to get into another ship and go someplace via Thera or even gates as the Southeast has been a good place to catch targets for last couple years.

…And what changed? Why not continue to use K-QWHE as home and roam the stars. It suited me for the last 3 years!

Because I’m burning out at current my playstyle… I love roaming but after 3 years of roaming alone I went to all the dark corners of EVE, met all sort of players and tactics and tried to make the best of all the nastiest situations I’d gladly put myself into. If you have been following my blog I can hear you say:
“No wonder, you been using the same Dual Hull Brutix for more than a year, what do you expect?! Just roam with different stuff!”

Hard to explain, it’s not really about the ship I flew, because even using the same setup, I’d get lots of different engagements. It’s all the attention/stress related to roaming:
1 - Countless of click Jump/Warp;
2 - Always taking attention to slight changes in local because it has a crucial effect on either I kill or die;
3 - Having extremely limited window of opportunity to kill something before I get swarmed or before everyone docks up;
4 – Being unable to reship easily to counter the guys that geared up to counter me!
5 – Wanting to tone down on EVE (not quit just yet) and go away more often and still being able to get the occasional engagement.

After looking to the last batch of 50 Brutix I bought I said:

“Nope, time for a gameplay change, let’s look at the starmap and pick a place where I can camp and relax!”

I can hear you scream already… “Oh my god Pleniers, you used to be cool! What happened to you?! Are you going to get a Falcon too you wannabe dirty gatecamper?” Top Secret… I’ve always had a Falcon and I am not afraid to use it. I’m only against ECM when used AGAINST me, not BY me, but I’m looking for a more original approach (we’ll get there too).

Why not just go home and camp K-QWHE… After all, I got corp mates living there (I can join comms for small periods of time), billions and billions of assets, bookmarks, intel and backup from some other blue alliances that live nearby! I’m going to digress here a bit…
Fact is, Aegis Sov and jump drive limitations messed up Curse region a lot, and probably other NPC places too. Before the jump drive nerf bat hit, every bozo could swoop around the EVE Universe in less than 5 minutes. This also meant that people would deploy often into NPC null.

Bored? Let’s go Curse or Syndicate for “fun” and “good fights”. 

You lost your home or were kicked from your previous alliance? Let’s go Curse or Syndicate for “fun” and “good fights”.

Want to brag about being a badass in EVE? Let’s go Curse or Syndicate for “fun” and “good fights”.

We even had an inside joke in A4D… Want to kill the whole universe? Easy… Just wait a bit and the whole universe will eventually deploy within a couple jumps. Everyone and their freaking mother would deploy to Doril, Utopia, Litom, Hemin, HLW, D87-, RA-, XX9-, etc ect. Every month we’d have a new duck to shoot for a limited period of time, from entire coalitions to lone corps.

After Agis Sov, people live in their dense populated mini pockets and hardly move more than a couple jumps. Don’t get me wrong, this is awesome for roams all over the Universe, but Curse did lost much of its charm due to it.

I recently had a small glimpse of the “Old Curse” when Test and CO2 along with their pets deployed to Doril/Sendaya for a couple weeks! Oh the joy! Within 4 jumps of home I had loads of targets!! Loved busting their gatecamps, loved camping their citadels, loved teaming up with local mates again and loved being able to reship quickly to adapt to a new situation. My baby starts to cry? All cool, just dock at the station in local… No need to put a cloak on a Brutix, or whatever I’m using. I wanted that feeling and sort of gameplay again as well as play EVE in a more semi-AFK status.

Wanting a more target rich environment I looked upon HED-GP… 

HED-GEP is a very special system, mostly because it’s a Null system adjacent to Hi-sec in an active area while also having a reputation in EVE’s collective mind as a place to go for some action. 

Test, Brave, Co2, Proviblock and Goons live close by, and it’s an entry point to the Southeast of EVE, so all sort of people, from hi-sec carebears looking for a new experience to veteran PVPrs come this way looking for prey. This is a very rare combination in EVE!

Because HED-GP is Null Sec Sov Space I cannot just dock there… I mean, I could if I joined the “owners” of the system, but then I’d probably be blue to a third of all freaking EVE, so, no thanks… I treasure my targets very fondly!

Keberz, the adjacent Hi-Sec system has no NPC station and putting billions of ships into a POS is just a risk I was never willing to take. 

Then Citadel Age comes into play… Now, I can use one of the crapton Freeport citadels in Keberz pretty much risk free. Citadel gets destroyed or my entry rights revoked? It’s ok… I’ll move all my stuff for free to another Freeport citadel nearby after a couple of days! Unless someone decides to go in a Holy Crusade against Freeport Citadels in Keberz for some crazy reason, I’ll be just fine… Up until now, I had never collected any benefits from the Citadel Age (other than occasionally bumping off the tethered AFK poor soul), but now, I can effectively move into someone else’s Freeport Citadel in Keberz, almost risk free.

So, right now I can have my assets safe in hi-sec and enjoy a charismatic (and decently active) Null Sec system, while being able to reship in under 1 minute and keeping a very limited list of blues. This new location is still very close to my home in Curse so I can go back and forth real fast between Curse and HED-GP.

I don’t know how long I’ll be around HED… 1 year? 1 month? Regardless, it seems to have been the proper choice as I’m actually enjoying a lot of engagements I would never have while roaming Sov space.